Who’s to blame?

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  1. sadukie says:

    Books don’t always translate into movies well. For the most part, if I know a movie is based on a book, I read the book first so that I have all the back story, since I know most movies leave those details out. But I have yet to see a decent book-to-movie transition.

  2. zmfrzm says:

    I’m finding that out the hard way, had the same experience with The girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Same thing happened some years ago with The Perfume, but I just keep hoping Hollywood steps up their game. It seems they’re running out of ideas, and what they’re coming up with is not wowing me, too much CGI, less engineering and innovation. They use to take bigger risks in the past, and they payed off well.

  3. sadukie says:

    Yeah… a lot of movies nowadays fit the bill of too much CGI and less engineering and acting. It’s not like the movies they used to make. That and the cost of seeing movies in the theater getting worse and worse, I don’t see movies in theaters much anymore.

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