“What the fuck have you done lately?”

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s health battle, but I’m glad to see that she’s a fighter.

    After leaving my 40+ hour/week job to become a consultant, I’ve been appreciating life a lot more. I work 20-30 hours/week doing what I love and making money comparable to what I made before – the perk of being horribly underpaid before. I’m getting ready to teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL stuff for Tri-C’s continuing ed division – so I’m finally finding the path I wanted to be on. And, as you see on Facebook, enjoying motherhood along the way!

    It hasn’t been all sunny news, but for as rough as the tough patches have been, there’ve been a lot more happy things, which is what I try to focus on.

    Hang in there – the nice weather is coming… which means more car rides with the top down!

  2. zmfrzm says:

    Thanks Sarah! Maybe I’ll get to break your code again 😛

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