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  1. sadukie says:

    Loud minds can get distracted temporarily, but after awhile, they realize the distraction or addition to routine and learn to be loud around it. It’s unfortunately inevitable.

    In terms of tuning guitars, it takes awhile to develop an ear for tuning instruments in general. It’s all about getting used to hearing certain tones and associating them with certain notes. If you run into issues tuning the guitar, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Guitars – and other stringed instruments in general – can be knocked out of tune fairly easily depending on how they’re stored and where they’re stored. So they can be a bit finicky. But if you stay patient and persistent, I have a feeling you’ll be fine.

    For me, writing in general tends to let my loud mind have an outlet to express itself – be it blogging, writing a short story, jotting down my mind’s wild ideas, or composing music. While it doesn’t quiet the loud mind completely, it does give me a break from hearing it.

    • zmfrzm says:

      The game has a basic tuning before every song, which is kind of annoying but works pretty well. There are many other things that can be changed that more experienced people like to tinker with, I’ll have to learn about that.

      I’m not much of a writer, so I’m making an effort to keep this up. I’ve had an idea for a story for the longest time but whenever I decide to sit down and put it together, I always draw a blank. Hopefully practicing here will eventually make that story come to life.

      • sadukie says:

        Yeah… while it may be annoying to tune before every song, get used to it and you’ll eventually be able to figure out the other things that more experienced people like to tinker with.

        If you want to learn more about guitars, there’s a group that gets together for “Music Mondays”, and each of the guys there seems to have a different background. It’s a good way to relax with fellow geeks who like to play/listen to music. They get together around 6pm, play together until 8pm, and then usually go over to Happy Dog afterwards. Once the weather is nicer, I may actually bring my bass to a Music Monday gathering. If you want more info on Music Monday, ping me on Facebook and I’ll send you a link to the group!

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